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A new application! Goody!

First name:Sarah  =)
Give us some background info so we can get to know you kids: Umm.. I'm not very shy.. I get along good with people... Umm I'm slow...Like someimes stupid and I can't help it but not like Jessica simspon stupid You know the kind where people ask you something.. Whats your age.. You say like the wrong one or take ten minutes to answer..Maybe you dont know?
What is your favorite band: I have a few.. Old green day (like back in the dookie days and such) and Incubus<3 I am obsessed but in a good way.. Also the doors.. Thats it
What's your favorite movie: Empire records is love <3
Favorite lyrics:

Two people touching lips
Hands on each other's hips
Nothing else in the world but one another....

- agoraphobia.. By incubus

Favorite food: Popsicals <3 Espessially the Ice pops.. you know the liquid ones that you put in the freezer and freeze then they are like a solid?!
Favorite tv show: I would have to say.. Mad Tv? I love stewart <3
Where did you/are you going to promote us =)?: In my livejournal/ friends I will promote you in..
Your Opinion On
Abortion: Im neutral on this topic.. Its very hard to choose which side you are one because I can see good points from both
Gay Marriage: I hate how people who are in love can be banned from marriage in certain states. Its So stupid to do that.. The USA is supposed to be a free country right? Where the people can go about their own ways?
God: Jesus is my homeboy so god must be my home Slice
Drugs:Umm... I dont know.. Prescription or Illegal?

Whats your reasoning to desire the joining of this bloody brilliant community?:
Submit a picture/pictures of yourself.

I am joining because Im Hard core? I dont know.. I liked the whole vibe of it <3 Like rocker chicks that are cool.. lol And I wondered If I would make it..


Me in the middle... Yea i know its skanky = / but it was one of the few I had downloaded

Me again... I look a bit odd in this one.. teh..

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