wantstohideaway (wantstohideaway) wrote in hardcorehawtie,

First name: jackie

Age: 15 Give us some background info so we can get to know you kids: i..am loud? haha

What is your favorite band: umm i love fall out boy, brand new, taking back sunday, and dashboard.

What's your favorite movie: tuck everlasting and finding nemo =)

lyrics: and i will be your, your everything and more

 Favorite food: deep dish pizza

Favorite tv show: degrassi

Abortion: against it..but its not up to me to decide for others.

Gay Marriage: not really sure. it has nothing to do with me cause im not gay. but i don't really like it

God: is my hero.

Drugs: whatever ..up to you.

Whats your reasoning to desire the joining of this bloody brilliant community?: because i think it's cool and jess told me to =)

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+ good bands.
- your opinion on gay marriage.
cute cute!
liked your app.
yes yes yes
awesome. "and i will be your, your everything and more." only in movies = awesome. =)
:) thanks guys