you cant stop me now... (x_love_0_struck) wrote in hardcorehawtie,
you cant stop me now...

First name: Jessica
Age: 14
Give us some background info so we can get to know you kids: haha.. that short girl who talks a lot :)
What is your favorite band: I have a lot but ill name a few.. brand new.. the mile after… taking back Sunday..etc.
What's your favorite movie: grease and mean grls.. lol
Favorite lyrics: I've been piecing it together and it's got something to do
with every look thrown like a knife across a crowded room
And every slow and quiet car ride I spent drinking in the backseat
Every stupid melody to every stupid song,
and every stupid word that everybody's hanging on
Favorite food: the classic.. pizza
Favorite tv show: laguna beach
Abortion: I don’t think I’d ever do it, but its up to them its not our business, at least we aren’t selling ours kids in china!!
Gay Marriage: Theres nothing wrong with it.
God: I belive.
Drugs: eh.. its your choice.
Whats your reasoning to desire the joining of this bloody brilliant community?: The mods are sexy bitches.. and it sounds pretty cool!

I dont know how to post pictures!! :/
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