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First name: alex
Age: 15
Give us some background info so we can get to know you kids: mm, dunno. retarded.. overly boring. shy like no other.. i think thats it.
What is your favorite band: at the moment. my chemical romance
What's your favorite movie: finding nemo =)
Favorite lyrics: 'this is how we like to do it in a murder scence'
Favorite food: nething really..
Favorite tv show: mm, not a really big tv watcher..
Where did you/are you going to promote us =)?: well in my lj of course
Your Opinion On
Abortion: horrible. unless youve been raped or your going to die.
Gay Marriage: i dont see the problem.
God: what a nice guy.
Drugs: blech. how gross.

Whats your reasoning to desire the joining of this bloody brilliant community?: mm, sheer bordness. nehow, i think it be okay to join.
Submit a picture/pictures of yourself. eeewy.. yuck.. well alright. ill go find the best one...

me3.jpg eww yucky

me11.jpg aha. stoner.


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