Stefani (cut_up_angels29) wrote in hardcorehawtie,

First name: Stefani
Age: 16
Give us some background info so we can get to know you kids: Well, I'm from Florida. I love the beach. I love to draw/paint. I take jazz and ballet. I love photography. I'm grammar Nazi.
What is your favorite band: Senses Fail and Brand New.
What's your favorite movie: Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind.
Favorite lyrics: I honestly don't have any. I love so many songs it's hard to pick one. I guess anything of of the Brand New cd, Your Favorite Weapon.
Favorite food: Fruit
Favorite tv show: Law And Order.
Where did you/are you going to promote us =)?:
Your Opinion On
Abortion: Women who arn't able to get an abortion will attempt to give themselves one at home. This will lead to an increase in vaginal and uterus diseases. It will also lead to incomplete abortions that can cause damage to the child when it's born. Financially unstable families should be able to as well. If they can't support it and give it it's neccessities. They shouldn't put a child through a life of no clothes or food because they can't afford it. Women who are physically unable to bear childeren should have a choice too. If they are putting their life in danger, threatening the child's life with not having a mother, they should have an abortion. Teenage woman who can't have abortions will resort to child abuse or abandonment. We've all heard the excuse "it's a life". No. Technically, it's a potential life. The mother can live without it, not vise versa, therefore making it a burden to the mother for those 9 months. I've also heard the arguement "They would rather live 1/3 of their life like that than to have not lived it at all." Which I also disagree with child abuse or never knowing your mother because she left you on the street somewhere is something that would stick with me forever. I'm pro-choice. The end.
Gay Marriage: Just because they are differnt doesn't mean that they're wrong. It's an issue of religion, in my opinion. And not everyone has the same religion. If we all went around, saying that something was wrong just because it differed from our beleifs, we would have no diversity. Marriage is a legal binding that people make a big deal of. People were getting married far before Christ came along, so I don't think marriage is a "holy matrimony". People have a right to be different. That's why people die trying to get to America. To be different and to get away from the norms and restrictions of their countries. Now Bush wants to make gay arriage illegal because he doesn't like it. I think that's bullshit and that peple should be able to express themselves however they want, whether it be homosexuality or the way they dress.
God: Well, I'm a believer in evolution. I mean, all the evidence is there. But I don't totally disbelieve in God. He could be there. It's just hard to believe something you can't see though.
Drugs: I don't do them, but I don't judge people who do. Do what you want, I'm not your mom.

Whats your reasoning to desire the joining of this bloody brilliant community?: For the hell of it. I just do these for fun.
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